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News Highlights:

Update Your Plugins (again): Until recently, 15 or more popular plugins (including Jetpack and WordPress SEO) were vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting. “The developers assumed that these functions would escape the user input for them, when it does not. This simple detail, caused many of the most popular plugins to be vulnerable to XSS.”

How to avoid clients from hell: Brandon Yanofsky talks about clients from hell, and how you can avoid them, and make freelancing fun again.

Adding IPTC’s camera metadata to WordPress 4.2: What it took to close a  7 year old trac ticket.

Squarespace VS WordPress: MaximumPC’s review of which is better for first time website creation.

Easy Digital Downloads plugin turns 3: Great write up from Pippin on some of the highs and lows of one of his most popular plugins.

Upcoming WordPress Events:

April 20th- Help Desk (Nashville)

April 25th-26th- WordCamp Minneapolis

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