Anyone who has ever started their own site or service knows that it can be hard work. Like late into the night with no sleep kind of work. Believing in what you’re doing helps a lot. When I first started Tidy Repo a couple of years ago, it was because I saw a major hole, and I didn’t see anyone else filling it. It was hard to sort through WordPress plugins and find the good ones. So little by little, I’ve been chipping away at the tens of thousands of plugins out there, trying to find the good ones, and surface them as often as I can. I haven’t always been consistent, but I’ve always tried to keep the quality up. I’ve heard that I did a pretty good job at that. But a lot in my life has also changed since I first started the site up. I got married. Evolved in my day job. Worked on other projects, big and small. And I’ve always kept chipping away at Tidy Repo because it was a labor of love. My first love actually. And first loves are hard to let go. From time to time, it has occurred to me that a lot more could be done with this site. I’ve gotten suggestions from lots of different people, and I’ve tried to incorporate them where I could. Frankly though, I don’t always have the time. That’s
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