With more and more internet users accessing websites on their mobile devices, it’s never been as important to ensure your website is usable by this growing segment of the global population. However, the benefits of making your website mobile-friendly aren’t just related to improving the user experience. If you fail to make your website responsive, then your site could also suffer a dip in the number of visitors it receives. Google is set to make mobile-friendliness much more of an important factor when determining where to list websites in its search engine. This means failing to ensure your website is optimized for smartphone and tablet users could have very real negative SEO consequences for your website and online presence. So with that in mind, here is a selection of different tools and services that can not only tell you whether your website is mobile-friendly or not, but also give you the ability to experience your websites as a mobile-user would. Is My Site Responsive or Not? The tools detailed in this article will do a lot more than simply tell you if your website is mobile-responsive or not. They also do a good job of emulating the user experience of the mobile visitors to
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