WordPress is the CMS of choice for many website owners because it is easy to learn and use. WordPress itself is a complex system behind the scenes but that’s because it is designed to make life easy for end users. If you’re just starting out in WordPress, there is more than enough help online for you to quickly get off the ground. It’s also worth pointing out at the beginning that just because you’ve gone through a few beginner tutorials and can even put up a basic site doesn’t mean you’re ready to build professional WordPress sites. It takes time, practice, and more learning to gain that proficiency. That being said, there’s always somewhere to start and this is a good place to kick-start your learning process. The list of resources shared in this post comprises both free and paid courses. It’s probably a good idea to start with a free resource before moving on to the paid ones when you’re ready to advance your skills. So here we go with the list. WordPress-TV WordPressTV is a free video learning resource for all WordPress enthusiasts. It is a product of Automattic and offers a huge collection of video tutorials on how to use WordPress. In addition, video recordings of all WordCamp
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