Billed by its creators as “the future of WordPress” Upfront is a new website builder and content editor tool that was launched in early 2015 by WPMU DEV. Upfront includes a selection of starter themes for your WordPress website. After you’ve made a choice, you can then begin customizing almost every element of your website, all through a visual, front end, drag and drop interface. Upfront also replaces the default WordPress post and page editor screens to bring point and click, in line editing to WordPress. So whether you want to completely redesign the starter themes to build your own custom website, or you just want to make adding new content to WordPress more intuitive, Upfront could be the tool you’ve been waiting for. To find out if this is the best builder tool for WordPress, read on for our full Upfront review. Alternatively, jump straight to the demo to experience it for yourself. Upfront Review: What This Site Builder Tool Can Do Upfront works on the parent child theme relationship. This means Upfront is installed on your WordPress website as the core, parent theme, and then you can choose from one of the child themes that have been built for it. These child themes then work
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