In case you missed the announcement on Twitter: Meet the two new developers to join the WebDevStudios team! As you know, we’re pretty community oriented, and bringing new people on board is always a happy event. It’s just an opportunity for us to expand the WDS family! We’re so excited to welcome these two to the WDS madness! I’m sure you’ll be introduced to their expertise, insight, and humor very, very soon, but here’s a starter on who they are and what they’re about: Bobbie Wilson Bobbie began programming very young, which started when she went with her mother to her college courses in programming (with punch cards then) and later to computer lab shifts. Bobbie’s first computer, the Timex/Sinclair 1000, only ran BASIC. When her elementary schools had computers, Bobbie was usually at one of them every chance she had. Later in middle school, she was the only girl in her computer club. Fast forward a few years later, and Bobbie was getting started in HTML during the browser wars, still connecting to the Internet through AOL (after a brief stint connecting to USEnet and BBS). Her first design tool was PaintShop Pro, creating filters and using the dreaded lens flare. Her favorite site
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