Advertisement As a core developer for WordPress, I’m often asked what goes on behind the scenes. What is it like to contribute code to WordPress — a CMS used by 60 million people? I would like to share some thoughts about WordPress core development. How to Contribute Code to WordPress WordPress core is developed by hundreds of volunteers. Becoming a core developer for WordPress takes a lot of dedication. The first step is to regularly contribute back to WordPress core with fixes. No matter how small these fixes are. Any and all suggestions lead to making WordPress a better platform. After gaining some code contribution experience, contributors typically begin to focus on specific areas of WordPress. Members of the community will also start to recognize these efforts. For me, I focused on XML-RPC and image manipulation. From there, it’s important to be forward-thinking and proactive. Continue to make valuable contributions and improvements before being asked. To become a WordPress core contributor, it can also help to meet a member of the WordPress core development team in person. Seeking advice from someone already heavily involved in the WordPress process and the community can advance
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