At some point I’ll have to write a post about how we’ve been playing with Ninja Forms, Formidable Pro, and Gravity Forms at Crowd Favorite. I haven’t written about these things because they’re more “enterprise-ish” and that’s not really what I talk about on this blog. But I can tell you it’s been fun. We’ve been working on progressive profiling, continual questions, behavior-based pop-ups and more. What I can tell you is that the teams behind each of these products is top-notch and I have no doubt that they’ll each keep innovating – which is good news for us all. Let’s look back for a second….to see how Ninja Forms started… When Ninja Forms first showed up on the scene a couple of years ago, the innovation looked like it was coming from a business model perspective. Where Carl was selling three options, each which was a bundle, James was giving the core away for free and selling add-on options, one at a time. Both of these were great options for very different people. People who wanted it all should have made the logical choice to go with Gravity Forms. People who wanted just one or two features, didn’t need to buy Carl’s Developer edition, and would benefit from a free+one paid extension
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