Today, we’re hanging out with another eminent WordPress player Chris Wiegman. The developer of the iThemes Security plugin, one of the admins of Advanced WordPress, an active member of unbeatable WordPress community with heavy involvement in a variety of WordPress events. Enjoy the interview and feel free to leave your name in the comments section. Thanks for joining us today, Chris. Please tell us a bit more about your background. How long you’ve been working with WordPress? Can you give us an overview of what you currently do? I’m a Senior Web Engineer for 10up and I’ve been working with WordPress since about 2007/2008. Most of my experience in the platform comes from the development of the iThemes Security/Better WP Security plugin on which I was the sole developer until February 2014. You were teaching Computer Science. What is your definition of WordPress CMS? How would you explain the meaning of WordPress from the teacher’s perspective? The short explanation I’ve used is that WordPress is an application that enables a use to manage content of any kind for their website. There are plenty of other CMSs available on the web. Why WordPress? Do you remember your first experience with
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