In an interview for WPSchool, Matt Mullenweg mentioned that one of Automattic’s BIG and “silly” mistakes during their first years was not adding automated renewals to After adding renewals, they started to double their revenues. “We had subscriptions… but they didn’t actually re-new! So you had to come back every year and re-buy everything. Which naturally has a higher churn rate than if you renew it, which every company in the entire world does, it turns out that every company does because our revenue pretty much started doubling! as soon as we did renewals. As I think about all the years we didn’t do renewals, I feel a little silly” If Matt feels silly, why shouldn’t we, plugin developers, feel silly as well? Looking at the WordPress plugins market today, the most widely used monetization model is “support + unlimited premium updates”, for a period of a year. And if you want to keep getting updates and support, you’ll have to purchase a license for another year. In fact, everyone is actually selling recurring-payments license but without the automated renewals. Developers don’t admit it, or probably do not acknowledge that, but that’s exactly what it is! I’ve talked
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