WooCommerce If you’ve spent some time using WordPress, I am sure that by now you already found out about shortcodes. However, if you don’t know what shortcodes are, then I’m going to offer you a basic explanation. A shortcode, as the name suggests, is a short string of characters usually written inside right brackets. It’s main purpose is to help WooCommerce users insert or alter dynamic content without having to leave the visual editor. In even simpler language, it helps you implement and change the values from interactive elements, subscription forms, user profiles and settings, cart status, checkout pages and pretty much every element you may think of. A good example of a WooCommerce shortcode would be [woocommerce_cart] – inserted in the WordPress post editor, this shortcode will return the WooCommerce cart and the current user’s added items There are many extensions and mods created to serve the need for shortcodes in WordPress, however the most popular would be the Visual Composer which serves over 500.000 websites. For WooCommerce, on the other hand there is the “WooCommerce Shortcodes” plugin, an extension of the platform that brings a more visual friendly environment towards
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