Guys from TemplateMonster have interviewed some world famous WordPress experts to see what they think about WordPress frameworks. As you might know, a WordPress framework is a simple and time-saving solution for WordPress developers, especially if they need to build and customize a lot of WP sites in a short period of time. Still, it’s a relatively new solution, and if you have not tried it yet, but want to know if it might be a choice for you, then we suggest that you read experts’ opinions on using frameworks. So, let’s welcome Aaron D. Campbell, Jason Cosper, Tom McFarlin, Bill Erickson, Tom J. Nowell, Joe Casabona, Dustin Hartzler and Devin Walker and see whether they use WordPress frameworks or not and why. First, I’d like to preface my answers with this “I’m no longer developing sites on WordPress like I used to”. I do, however, still contribute to WordPress regularly and I work on products for it (I work at iThemes). Now for the questions: 1. Do you use WP Frameworks? Yes I use, and used, frameworks. I made extensive use of Underscores, but have used other for select situations as well. 2. What do you like most about WP Frameworks/why don’t you love them? The obvious upsides
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