Kyle- What are you thoughts about these comments I received from a developer on e-lance I am considering hiring to speed up my website homepage load time? The average load time for my homepage is 17 seconds. Here is what someone said about my site being hosted on wp engines: “You have a problem, your website is using modular wordpress on hosted on wp-engines. The point of a setup like this is to have independent modules and plugins each upgrading and maintained on their own timeline. Modular setup entails each plugin having it’s own source files, and wp-engine hosting entails those files being hosted and cached by wp-engine. The problem, is that what you want to achieve can only be achieved by removing modularity and condensing multiple module files in to single cached files for faster loading and rendering. That is to say, the steps required to meet your 99/100 performance would require dumping wordpress and wp-engine and moving to a primarily static heavily cached website. Second best would be keeping wordpress and moving off of wp-engine (and/or) consolidating multiple files in to one, the trade off here being that you won’t be able to upgrade or add plugins easily (which defeats
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