WordPress 4.2 is under development and in discussion at different WP forums. We can see a lot of bloggers and developers writing about it. Drew Jaynes leading the core team and working with the vision to deliver the final release by mid of April. More than 90 bugs are fixed in the latest beta release that were reported by the beta testers and WordPress community. WordPress 4.2 is a lucky version for our roundups from the start. Do you know why? With the release of first beta version we have written Weekly Roundup #1, with the release of beta 2 we published Weekly Roundup #2, when they released beta 3 we wrote Weekly Roundup #3 and now with our Roundup #4 we are going to share the updates on the beta 4 for WordPress 4.2. Isn’t awesome? WordPress 4.2 Beta 4 In this week, we received beta 4 for WordPress 4.2. There are significant changes for the mobile users in accessing the customizer, navigations are improved for touch screen devices, and more than 90 bugs fixed. Peter Nilsson tested WordPress 4.2 beta 4 and written his reviews for our readers. It is not recommended to run your projects as this is not the final release. You can report any bug in the Alpha/Beta area at the support forums.
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