A lot of people in the WordPress community have published transparency reports in the last year, and I wanted to gather them all in one place. It’s mostly for statistical data for presentations, and to analyze what business models people are using. I also have some knowledge that isn’t public information (from my own businesses, and people I know) that gives me a little extra insight. Personal note to all my fellow business owners: don’t compare yourself and feel bad because you aren’t making what some of these businesses are. There is a lot of back story to these that you don’t know about, none of these people were overnight successes. If that’s you, read this post by Matt Medeiros. There are lots of people I left out, if you want to be included in this list or update your numbers please leave a comment or shoot me a tweet. WordPress Products Ultimate Member Business model: Free + Paid extensions Description: WordPress Membership Plugin, Paid Extensions Revenue: $12K/mo Aesopinteractive Business model: Free + Paid extensions Description: WordPress Plugin/Themes Revenue: $5K+/mo AffiliateWP Business model: Premium Description: WordPress Affiliate Marketing Plugin Revenue: $30k/mo GravityView
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