Searching for blog post photos can be incredibly difficult. You either have to pay for them, use the ones that show up on everyone else’s site, or make do with amateur-looking images. Free photo sites are not new – a few years ago, sites like FreeFoto, Free Photos Bank, and Free Pixels proliferated, offering fairly mediocre but large and searchable databases of photos in exchange for a link. Then Flickr got into the game, offering an advanced search to find Creative Commons photos that allow bloggers and others to use images its members publish in exchange for attributing the image to its author. The problem with these sites, besides the lack of clarity about whether these images could be used commercially, is that the photos tended to be amateur in quality and were often not large enough for wide or fullscreen use. Luckily, more and more sites with free, high-quality, and high resolution photos are cropping up. While some of these sites still require attribution, almost all allow for commercial use of their photos, and many don’t require any credit at all. Here are my top 30 go-tos, in alphabetical order. Credit: None needed Barn Images has lots of great landscapes, but there are also
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