is a dependency manager for PHP. If you’ve done any modern PHP development in the last few years, you’ve probably used it. Packagist is a composer repository — a place where composer can look up packages (libraries) that are installable. This post is going to cover why you should use a dependency manager and how to get started integrating Composer with your WordPress site. Why Use a Dependency Manager with WordPress Code reuse is a good thing — your clients aren’t paying you to reinvent the wheel, they’re paying you to build them a website or application. Chances are you already know this, so you have a set of go to plugins that you use on every WordPress site you build. You’re already using other peoples code via plugins, but there’s an entire world of modern PHP libraries available to you via composer. Someone has also taken it upon themselves to make every plugin available as a composer dependency. A dependency manager can be part of your build pipeline and keep 3rd party code out of your source repository. It also opens up a lot of opportunity to use otherwise unavailable PHP libraries. If you’re one of those folks who likes to hack apart plugins to make them do what you want (and
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