Announcements WordPress Webinar THURS, June 4th at 10am EST How to customize your WordPress dashboard WooThemes joins Automattic Is there a plugin for that? As promotion for my new eBook, I’m going to be highlighting different plugins found in my 50 Most Useful Plugins eBook. Hello Security is a plugin to give your users security best practices tips directly on the dashboard. Become a Better WordPress Developer 1. Always Be Learning Look at other people’s code (TwentyTwelve, etc) Refactor some of your old code Modify a plugin or theme to make it do what you want Read blog posts and listen to other WordPress podcasts 2. Challenge yourself with difficult problems Accept projects that you’ve never attempted before Spend hours researching before asking for help 3. Don’t be afraid to break things Work on a development site so you won’t worry about breaking a live site Copy and paste code from the web and see how it works 4. Get Involved Community Events – Learn from others Community Events – Teach others what you know Contribute to Core Communicate with other WordPress enthusiasts on Slack Thank You! Thank you to the following people for using my affiliate links. As you know I make a small
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