As a WordPress agency owner running my business and being responsible for dozens of people, my main goal is stability. Stability in Business John Lennon once said: “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” Since life is fragile itself and things change every single minute, the least we could do is stabilize as many variables as possible and take care of the potential problematic areas. That said, stability in business is determined by various factors, such as: Having a steady recurring revenue model – memberships, selling WordPress products, or a backlog of clients for services Working with a reliable team – employees, contractors, trustworthy and capable people available for work Setting up the right work environment – office, equipment, Internet access and everything required for work on a daily basis Stability includes trust, reliability, delegation, long-term commitment and being able to believe in a technology, partner or an idea so much that you share your business and sensitive data with them knowing that they are safe, while dealing with the rest of your work. Stability could be interrupted in a many ways that we cannot predict, or at least expect not to happen.
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