A little more than two months ago, Derek Munson, who goes by the username Drumology2001 published a thread in the WordPress.org support forums. While performing maintenance on several WordPress sites on his virtual private server, Munson discovered a number of them running outdated versions. Versions ranged from 3.9 to 4.1 with at least one site using WordPress 3.9.2. I’m used to seeing the ‘nag’ at the top of the screen that lets me know there’s a newer version available. I am not seeing that on any of these sites which aren’t on the newest version (4.1.1). When I go to Dashboard > Updates and click ‘Check Again’ to force a manual check, it’s still acting as though everything is up to date when it’s clearly not. Initially, Munson thought All in One WP Security and Firewall was blocking update notifications. Mbrsolution, the plugin’s main developer, confirmed that it doesn’t block update notifications. After completing a number of troubleshooting techniques suggested by volunteers on the WordPress support forum, Munson installed Wordfence Security, a WordPress security plugin. One of Wordfence’s noteworthy features is its scanner. It compares clean WordPress core files to those on the
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