My first steps into WordPress happened the same year it was launched by co-founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little: 2003. I was 14 years old at the time, and I greatly admired Becca Wei, a well known WordPress theme creator at the time despite her later disappearance. Just like Becca, I grabbed my own personal domain name, and built a rendition of the standard “left rail content” and “right rail sidebar” WordPress theme, filled with all the things a teen that age might share on a domain aptly called “” Becca and I worked at the same WordPress shop some years later, and kept in touch for a short time, although there really isn’t a month that I don’t think about her or the major impacts she has made to the world of WordPress as a woman. Website making and coding came a bit earlier, though, at age 11 and prior, when I built and a digital drag-n-drop paper “dollz” haven, and collected and designed them thanks to one of the first virtual public worlds called The Palace. I sold $15 CDs so some of my 3,000+ daily unique visitors so they could build their “dollz” offline in their browser anytime. This was around 2002, pre-wifi days and the ancient time of the AOL dial up tones,
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