Online retail startups are popular among budding entrepreneurs. You can run it from the comfort of home, by yourself, or with a partner. It can also prove to be a great way for you to bring out your creativity.

However, as with any other business, you’ll need finances, and this is especially true when it comes to its allocation. So, how should online retail startups best allocate their financial resources?

Here are five things you can start with:

Design a Dynamic Website

This is, in essence, your storefront. You’ll want to have a site that catches the attention of the web users out there, but in a good way.


You can start to allocate your funds by availing the services of a web designer, knowing how much web hosting will cost you, having your domain-name registered, as well as going for that shopping cart option—which enables you to accept orders as well as payments online.

Create Top-Notch Products and Services

This will serve as your online retail startup’s “power couple” in such a way that your website will be known for what you offer. Unique designs, adorable stuffed toys, and amusing prints are only a few examples of what you can offer.

Execute a Strategic Marketing Program


When it comes to this part, understanding your customers cannot be stressed enough. To better understand your customers’ preferences, you could conduct a number of different market research.

Let’s go back to the amusing prints example. Once you’ve printed a reasonable number of them, you can try hosting a focus group. This focus group can be made up of your family members, your friends, or maybe even your neighbors. Allow them to critique what you’ve done to get a feel for what your customers may be looking for. You can make use of multi-channel retailing to easily market your products.

Price your products and services

Well-constructed marketing plans require you to be savvy with regards to pricing your products and services. If your prints are too cheap, people may think that you’ve made them cheaply, as well.

Conversely, if your prints are more expensive than usual, people may want a little extra or think that you’re just ripping them off, which, hopefully, won’t be the case.

Market your products and services with the help of trade shows

Even though your showroom is virtual, you’re going to want your customers to have the chance to see what you’re offering in person.

With that said, you can show your products and services at a number of trade shows. Doing so is going to allow you to increase your brand’s awareness to the public, which in turn can drive business to your site. For example, you can send gifts to the local clothing stores that may be interested in having a handful of your prints on their shirts.

Getting that online retail startup off the ground becomes easier once you know how to allocate your financial resources. Just be sure that you recognize your market as well as how you’ll be selling your products and services because even though the Internet is one big place, the competition can still be quite stiff.

Venchito Tampon is the sole author of Digital Philippines, a link building blog that publishes actionable link building strategies and content marketing tips. He also provides high quality link building services for local and offshore clients based in UK, US, and Australia.

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