At at lot of the WordCamps and WordPress meetups I attend, I’m asked the same question: How do you go about becoming a WordPress professional? The question is normally asked by one of two types of people: those who’ve been using WordPress in their spare time for a while and want to make a living from it, and those who’ve been making a living in a similar field (such as design or front end development) and want to cross over to working with WordPress. Clearly, a career with WordPress isn’t just for bloggers or developers. Whether you’re a designer, marketer, educator, content creator or you like to bury yourself in code, there are WordPress opportunities that could work for you. But how do you go about identifying and making the most of those opportunities? How do you establish yourself as a WordPress pro? In this post I’ll attempt to answer that question, and give you some useful tips based on my experience of forging a successful career with WordPress as well as the experience of some other people I’ve spoken to. I’ll look at how you choose which WordPress niche to aim for, identifying the skills you already have, learning what you need to about WordPress, finding your preferred working
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