Posts on this site often contain affiliate links, which means we receive a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking the link. We only promote products that we actually use and enjoy, and our reviews are honest - no pimping random junk just to earn money! Affiliate income allows us to spend time creating free tutorials, so we'd appreciate the clicks. If you prefer that we not receive credit, feel free to do a web search for the product instead. Last week I received an email from a new reader: I want to create a site like The Daily Bolt, but for [a different niche]. How did you set everything up? While part of me would love to protect the details of how I created The Daily Bolt, a site I created to aggregate Genesis and WordPress news in one place, I really can’t justify that since anyone can perform Google searches and find the same information I did. Instead, I figured I’d just share it and see what kind of cool new sites crop up. How The Daily Bolt works As of this writing, The Daily Bolt pulls in RSS feeds from 33 websites related to Genesis, WordPress, and/or freelancing. When any of those sites has new content, a post is created and published on my site automatically.
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