Share this post: 86 2 9 2 I don’t run any multi-author sites but I work for plenty of people who do. I noticed the other day that on some sites I receive an email when users comment and on others I don’t. This got me thinking about why this happened. I’m pretty sure I subscribe to comments on some of the posts, but most of the time I just forget about the posts and it’s unreasonable to assume that I would go back to check the dozens of sites I have posted comments on. Think about how many sites you run, then think about how many sites your authors are posting on. It’s wise to ask your writers to reply to comments when they come in because a small fraction of the people who come to your site actually take the time to post a comment. It’s a great way to build community and push products down the road. Why is that that some websites send me emails and others don’t? There has to be a setting in WordPress that automatically sends out an email to authors for new comments when they role into WordPress. Well, it turns out there is a rather simple setting you can activate to make this happen (You might even have this setting activated already). The only problem is that the setting is poorly
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