In the early years of our business, I woke up one day to fully realize I had a real problem that was affecting my personal happiness and the progress and success of our business. It had eventually started to surface as growing bitterness and frustration. And it became a huge distraction for me and our team. Ultimately I realized it had paralyzed and stalled the forward movement of our journey. It included a growing discontent, a sour attitude and deep lack of gratitude for what we had and were doing. When I started to really dig down to the core of it all (or to just be honest with myself), I realized it was jealousy. I was jealous and envious of what other people were doing and other people’s success. The definition of jealousy is “the feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.” Simply put: We want something someone else has or is getting. And that was me … I had gotten consumed in seeing other people succeed with less effort and honesty, by taking shortcuts, getting more acclaim and traction while we toiled without our proper due. And I was mad. I felt it wasn’t fair. I felt we were justly entitled to that success. So I grumbled. I groaned. I got angry.
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