WordPress developer Nick Haskins is hoping to revolutionize the way users publish content with Lasso, his commercial front-end editing plugin. Lasso is sold through his storefront and is also in use on Story.am, the hosted platform for Aesop Story Engine. Haskins recently made accounts on Story.am available for free in hopes of garnering more feedback on the Lasso editing experience. As of today, Lasso is now available on GitHub for developers and users to test and offer feedback/contribution. “This decision was several months in the making,” Haskins told the Tavern. “It included conversations with developers who have their commercially sold code publicly available, as well as A/B testing our presence to verify that the move would be both beneficial to the plugin, as well as the user base that it’s attracting.” Making the code public is a calculated risk, which he hopes will not damage sales of the plugin but rather increase its visibility. Haskins recently published a financial transparency report on his 15 month old company, which indicates that Aesop Interactive is on track to double its revenue in 2015 based on numbers from January – April. Sales of the Lasso product totaled $4,408.36.
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