You love the idea of the Hello Bar service. It's a great website toolbar to increase email signups, raise user engagement in featured content, or otherwise focus a reader's attention. If you don't want to pay for the service or you have a particular set of needs not served by the service's configuration, what are your options? I outline Hello Bar alternatives, including making your own, below. First a disclaimer: this post is targeted for a more technical reader and with on a focus on the content management system (CMS). If you can at least configure a Wordpress theme and dabble in just a bit of theme code, you can handle this guide. If you're looking for a "one click" solution: Hello Bar is a pretty awesome service. Minus the cost. And the limitations. Alright, disclaimer over. Here were my requirements when I went hunting for a Hello Bar alternative: It must integrate with an email signup form, preferably through MailChimp It must offer a slide-up from browser bottom and slide-down from browser top option It must be mobile friendly; based in responsive design It must be lightweight—use as little JavaScript and CSS as possible And so I spent hours installing different Wordpress plugins
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