Every WordPress administrator has different needs when navigating the admin. For example, one may require frequent access to the Posts menu and rarely touch the Appearance menu. Another admininistrator may have a certain custom post type that is accessed more frequently than any other menu item. In some cases plugin developers take their liberties placing their menu items at the very top of the admin. Jetpack is a prime example of a plugin that assumes preeminence above Posts, Media, Comments, and other more frequently used publishing items. Admin Menu Manager is a new plugin that allows you to take control of the admin and order menu items to suit your workflow. The plugin, created by Pascal Birchler and the folks at required+, adds a simple drag-and-drop interface for decluttering and reordering menu items. As you can see in the demo, Admin Menu Manager allows you to drag menu items from top level to a sub-menu or pull sub-menus out to top level for easier access. The plugin is unobtrusive and doesn’t require its own settings page. “I got the idea for this particular plugin when I stumbled upon a similar one that used a drag and drop interface just for reordering menu items,” Birchler
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