A few weeks ago there was a lot of drama around the WordPress Theme Review team’s decision to require all themes in the WordPress.org theme repository to use the customizer for theme options. Personally I think this is great, and I’ve actually been looking forward to it since last year, when the idea was first presented. It’s a great example of how the leadership in the WordPress project have used their influential positions to help improve the platform. WordPress.org fills a lot of roles, one of the biggest is distributing code in the form of plugins, themes, and even WordPress itself. Any change in how that role is fulfilled is going to be controversial, whether the decision to do so is right (as this recent change clearly was) or wrong. Due to the inherent controversy and the impact that these changes will have, caution must therefore be applied. While I believe that caution is a necessary component to any major change, however, I also believe that it shouldn’t stand in the way of progress. The plugin repository, in its structure, assumes a lot of things about the state of the WordPress ecosystem that may have once been true, but are no longer applicable. Barriers to Ubiquity My
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