Last night, a few of us were together tossing ideas around. Matt himself seemed to be willing to open some avenues that TRT had previously believed were closed to us. That’s pretty exciting stuff because it means we might be able to make some of the major changes that many of us have wanted to do for a long time. One of those ideas was to split submitted themes into two camps: Themes that pass the full review requirements. Those that pass some minimal checks (mostly, the automated scanner). In the first group, it’d be business as usual. If you, as a theme author, want your theme reviewed by our team, you get that review. You also must follow the guidelines. The barrier to entry is the same as it is now. In the second group, you’d pretty much get an automatic submission into the repo. We’d still need to make sure that we’re not allowing anything nasty through and any other major issues. We’d have to work out the details of this. But, the idea is to have an extremely low barrier to entry. Incentive to get a full review Why would a theme author choose to get a full review when it’s so much easier via the second route? That’s the big question, one that I think is easily solved by giving
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