We have been patiently sitting on this news for a couple of weeks now whilst we waited to conclude all of the formalities involved in raising funding. This however means that we're really excited to finally share this news today. :) Receiptful has raised $500k in an angel round of funding from a group of incredible investors, including Matt Mullenweg (Founder, Automattic & WordPress), Joel Gascoigne (Founder, Buffer), Vinny Lingham (Founder, Gyft), Andrew Wilkinson (Founder, Metalab) and Collis & Cyan Ta'eed (Co-founders, Envato). (Full investor list on our AngelList profile.) This represents not only a major milestone for us, but also validation that our hard work is paying off. We started building Receiptful with only an idea and the notion that receipts are indeed a missed marketing opportunity. We did this without having any (known) benchmarks in the eCommerce industry or the ability to point to something else in a "Receiptful is almost like that, but here's why we're different..."-way. This meant we had to build our own case study and social proof over time. Today we can emphatically say that our supercharged receipts has generated almost $100 000 USD in additional revenue across
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