It’s no secret that WordPressers are everywhere in the world. While you are reading this, literally millions of people are publishing content and otherwise taking care of their web presence through the WordPress platform.

However, where are all of those people in real life? Can you spot them on the street? Is there something particularly WordPressy about us that you can make out from afar? Not that I know of.

Shame, though. After all, being part of the WordPress community is a great thing that, in my opinion, we should all do our best to shout from the rooftops. Yet, we can’t all constantly carry a laptop with the WordPress backend open in a browser window just to make ourselves known to others.

To solve this dilemma, I had a look around the web for the next best thing: WordPress swag and gear that will let everyone else know you are “one of us.” Here is what I unearthed.

(PS: Everything on this list can also serve well as a gift idea for your WordPress-inclined friend, spouse or family member. You are welcome.)

WordPress Apparel: For the Discerning Developer

The first address for WordPress swag is the official WordPress merch store. Here you can find everything WordPress from shirts to stickers to sunglasses. Below is a list of my favorite items from the store plus some extras I found on the web.

T-Shirt “Code is Poetry”


Now you can wear the official WordPress motto in bold letters. The design is slick enough to pass at any hipster party (“WordPress? You’ve probably never heard of it…”) and it comes in good ol’ American Apparel quality. What more can you ask for?

Found at: WordPress Merch Store

WordPress Hoodie

WordPress-hoodieFor the colder seasons, and to channel your inner Zuckerberg, there is this model: the WordPress zipper hoodie. Comes only in one color (black) but can also double as cocktail attire, or so I am told.

Found at: WordPress Merch Store

T-Shirt /wp-admin/

wp-admin-shirtThis is one of my personal favorites since it represents bit of an inside joke. Instant conversation starter for those who know what it means. Site admins of the world unite!

Found at: WordPress Merch Store

T-Shirt “Jetpack”


Friends of Automattic’s Jetpack plugin can confess their love and fandom with this beauty. The slick figure on the front is subtle enough to pass as a normal t-shirt design but will show others quickly that they have met a kindred soul.

Found at: WordPress Merch Store

T-Shirt WordPress/Dharma Initiative

WordPress-developer-Dharma-T-ShirtAre you a fan of both WordPress and the TV series Lost? Boy, are you in luck. Some designer out there thought the two should really be combined into one. The result: a Dharma-Initiative inspired “WordPress Developer” shirt. Wear it with pride.

Found at: Cafepress

WordPress Baby Onesie


Don’t forget the next generation of WordPressers. Parents hellbent on raising their offspring as an open-source CMS afficianado will greatly appreciate this piece. Better get started now, those early impressions are incredibly important. Plus, junior will definitely make a splash in his or her toddler group rocking the WordPress onesie. Also comes in other colors.

Found at: WordPress Merch Store

Tote Bag “I’m So Blogging This”

I'm-so-blogging-this-tote-bagNot directly WordPress related, yet something that many WordPress users can relate to. Do you often find yourself analyzing daily experiences in terms of whether they would make a good blog post? Well, you are not the only one. With this bag, you can warn others to behave or they will end up as part of your writing.

Found at: Cafepress

WordPress Earrings

WordPress-earringsFor the ladies in the WordPress area (and for males open to fashion experiments), there are these little gems. I really like the subtle design of these earrings that have been cut from wood with a laser. Guys, anyone wearing those on a date is definitely a keeper.

Found at: Artfire

WordPress Buttons


To give any outfit some much-deserved WordPress bling, we have these buttons. Pin them on your shirt, backpack, jacket, tie, or wherever you feel like making a statement. You can hardly go wrong.

Found at: Cafepress

Stay Connected with WordPress Cases for Your Mobile Device

By definition, WordPress users have a knack for tech. What better way then to show your WordPress fandom than by decking out your favorite electronics with WordPress insignia? Here are a few ways to do so.

Cellphone Case iPhone 5/5S


What the bat signal is for the dark knight of Gotham, the big W is for WordPress enthusiasts. Did you know you can dress up your cellphone in it? It’s true. Plus, the above case is also available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 6.

Found at: WordPress Merch Store

Cellphone Case for Galaxy S4

Happy-WordPress-Galaxy-S4-caseNot part of the official WordPress canon, but a looker either way. Tick off your Joomla, Blogger, and Drupal using friends with this beauty. Hey, nobody said WordPressers aren’t a bit smug from time to time.

Found at: Amazon

WordPress Case iPad Air

WordPress-iPad-coverIn case you’re using something a bit bigger than a phone, this case might be just the thing for you. Discovering it on Amazon made me realize that tablet cases are woefully missing from the official WordPress store. A situation that should, in my opinion, be remedied.

Found at: Amazon

WordPress Vinyl Decal


If no official gear exists for the device of your choice, there are always decals. Stick them anywhere to show the others in the coffee shop what you are working on. Good way to start conversations, too.

Found at: Etsy

Other WordPress Swag

Besides clothes and gadgetry, there is plenty of other quirky stuff for WordPress fanatics out there as the list below will prove.

WordPress Insulated Canteen Bottle


Rumor has it that coffee is the official drink of WordPress. Well, it’s definitely no secret that it fuels many developers throughout their day. So why not invest in the WordPress thermo bottle and never drink cold coffee again? My feeling is that this piece alone will help a couple hundred themes and plugins to come into existence.

Found at: WordPress Merch Store

Jetpack Battery Pack for Mobile Devices


Since we were talking about mobile devices earlier: Don’t you just hate it when you run out of battery at the most inconvenient time? Me, too! To avoid this kind of situation, make this Jetpack-themed battery pack your own for some extra juice on the go.

Found at: WordPress Merch Store

WordPress Pillow Case


After a long day of coding, where better to rest your weary head than a WordPress-embroidered pillow? There is also a rumor that many of us tend to work from the comfort of our couches (*cough* definitely not me *cough*) so this can even become a permanent part of your “office.”

Found at: Etsy

Self-Inking Stamp “Follow Me On WordPress”

Follow-me-on-WordPress-stampTired of having to write down the address of your WordPress blog? Well, with one of those puppies you will never have to do it again. I just hope they also make stamps for domains.

Found at: Amazon

WordPress Tattoos (Not Suitable for Commitaphobes)

If you think wearing a t-shirt with a big W on it shows you as a true WordPress fan, think again. Some guys out there go so far as to put WordPress-themed ink on their body.

While their commitment is to be honored, this might not be for everyone. However, should you be thinking of doing something similar, here’s some inspiration:

Summing Up

There are many ways of showing your love for WordPress. From clothes over gadget gear to pillow cases and even tattoos, WordPressers find ways to express their connection to their favorite platform.

Being part of the WordPress community is an honor and a pleasure at the same time. Therefore we should not shy away to make ourselves known to one another in everyday life. You never know where you are going to meet a kindred soul.

What WordPress gear do you own? How do you show your appreciation for the WordPress platform? Let us know in the comments.

Nick Schäferhoff

Nick Schäferhoff is an entrepreneur, online marketer, and professional blogger from Germany. He found WordPress when he needed a website for his first business venture and instantly fell in love. When not building websites, creating content or helping his clients improve their online business, he can most often be found at the gym, the dojo or traveling to other countries with his fiancé. If you want to get in touch he would love to hear from you through his website.

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