On Tuesday afternoon I was rushing out the door to meet with Vova Feldman, a WordPress developer and founder of Freemius. During LoopConf we exchanged a few tweets back and forth but didn’t end up getting to connect, so we figured out a time to meet up once we were both back in New York. I was running late and about to run out the door when a few tweets caught my eye, followed by messages in the Post Status Slack channel that WooCommerce had been acquired by Automattic. WooCommerce had been acquired by Automattic?! A dozen questions raced through my mind as I raced out the door. What about the rest of WooThemes? What would happen to all of the ninjas? What about the rest of the products? Was only WooCommerce acquired, or was WooThemes in its entirety now part of A8C? The initial posts on the topic, as well as Matt’s own blog post stated ‘WooCommerce joins the Automattic team‘, which caused confusion for me since WooCommerce makes up the majority of WooThemes revenue. It would seem illogical for a company to get rid of its largest revenue generating product. I’m now underground in the subway with no internet and endless questions popping into existence. The subway is now above ground
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