So there has been an interesting discussion on the UK WP Slack channel recently surrounding Tim Nash’s blog post on not using the pub as a central location to hold WordPress meetups. The discussion has been great, and well worth a read, but it appears to have divided people into two main groups. On one hand you have a group of people who welcome it: some WordPress meetups have the odd person who takes the mantra of “any excuse for a pissup”. This caused WordPress Leeds/Northern Bloggers some problems, so it was taken out of a pub with a “come and join us for a drink after if you fancy it” mantra, and it’s been successful, with a great core group of regulars. On the other hand you have a group of people who were against it: after all pubs are seemingly a community hub in the UK, and the question – in true Top Gear fashion – is “how bad can it be?”. Many people can enjoy a pint or a glass of wine without feeling the need to get violent, so why should the absolute few spoil it for the many. Most people took one side or the other, whereas I’m going to take what I believe the stand should be. Why can’t it be both? And wheres does that leave the WordPress community? Lets be honest: WordPress
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