Today, I have spent an hour looking at some of the best selling themes at one of the major premium WordPress marketplaces. Here are a few theme features that popped up: Comes with the XYZ plugin features built-in A Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder A built-in Carousel and Slider A Stunning Portfolio to showcase your work More than 200 built-in shortcodes! Testimonials A built-in Contact Form so you don’t miss a client’s question Can you see something in common? Do you think “More than 200 built-in shortcodes!” should be part of a WordPress theme? Don’t you think this should be part of a plugin instead? Take the following scenario John Doe runs a fantastic restaurant. It’s very successful, but he wants to create a stunning website that reflects his success story. He heard everybody is talking about the famous WordPress and he decided to give it a shot. He bought the right domain name, and signed up with the perfect hosting company. He then installed WordPress and now it’s time to pick the best WordPress theme that suits his needs. He did a quick research and stumbled upon a few stunning themes that came with all the bells and whistles that he is looking for! He bought one for $58. He installed
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