We are thrilled to announce that the WP Rocket reseller plan is now available. This will allow companies to directly resell WP Rocket and package it in their offers! A reseller plan? Since the beginning, we have not allowed the use of the pro licence if you are a hosting company or if you sell a “performance package” for example, which includes WP Rocket. It’s very easy to understand why we don’t allow this: if hosting companies buy a pro licence to put on their clients’ websites, we will only sell 20 pro licences per year because they will take the entire market. On the other hand, we really would like to partner with hosting companies and WordPress-focused businesses. They would provide a great service to their customers by including WP Rocket, and create a new revenue channel for us. We were very busy working on WP Rocket and we didn’t have too many requests for reselling, so we didn’t really work on a reseller program until a few weeks ago. What we did in the meantime is a “coupon partnership” with some hosting companies like SiteGround, for example. Basically they would provide our customers a discount on their service and we would provide a coupon code for theirs in our customers’
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