The Beginnings I am no stranger to contributing to open source. I have contributed in some way or another since early 2007, when I found a love for Linux and the Fedora Project. I was approaching the end of my time in college, and later in the year I joined the Fedora Art Team and teethed my contributing bug by helping create and provide graphics for upcoming releases of the operating system. I have since evolved and moved on to other open source projects–specifically our beloved WordPress. While I was not active on a weekly basis, where I was creating tickets and patches constantly, I was staying aware of what was going on and current developments. I contributed when I could. One place that I was especially active was the support rooms on IRC. Over time, I started to get an itch to do more. I wanted to contribute to the code of something. The WordPress core team had decided to improve its inline documentation, especially in the areas of available hooks and filters. Drew Jaynes and others spearheaded this effort and took the initiative of going through the codebase and providing documentation on every available hook. At this point, it dawned on me that this would be an awesome way to
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