When we first started our business in March, we had to carefully consider what payment processors we would use to process payments for our extensions. After doing some research on various processors we opted to go with Stripe. It had fair pricing and was recommended by several people as being easy to use so seemed like a no brainer. We signed up to Stripe, entered in all the required personal and business details and we were good to go. Integrating it with our shopping cart was hassle free and the money we received was automatically being paid into our bank account. For over two months, not a single problem and it seemed like choosing to go with Stripe was a great decision. How wrong this would be. Kicked off Stripe Two days ago I woke up to the following email from Stripe informing me that we would no longer be able to use Stripe: Hi Calum, Thanks for signing up with Stripe! Unfortunately, we will need to stop offering service for ultimatemember.com. Stripe can only support users with a low risk of customer disputes–after reviewing your submitted information and website, it does seem like your site presents a higher level of risk than we can currently support. That said, we understand
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