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News Highlights:

In Defense of WordPress: With all the recent coverage of XSS vulnerabilities, Mattias Geniar asks the question why WordPress doesn’t get more credit for how it handled those updates.

Proposed Password Changes for 4.3: Mark Jaquith confirmed that WordPress 4.3 will see an overhaul in the way passwords are generated.

WordPress Essential Training on Lynda.com: In celebration of 100,000 views, Lynda.com has made their WordPress essential training tutorials free until June 18th.

Easter Eggs in May: Go to webdevstudios.com and type the letters W, D, and S, then let your cares fly away.

How to Hide WordPress… for Security Reasons?: This is the first time I’ve heard this argument, but here’s a tutorial for obscuring the fact that your site is using WordPress in the hopes of deterring hackers. Interesting read just to see the supposed pros and cons.

Trail by Fire: Imagine starting your first day working with Sucuri by dealing with SoakSoak, a major security flaw.

Upcoming WordPress Events:

May 23rd: WordCamp Calgary

May 29-31st:  WordCamp Miami

May 30-31st: WordCamp Brisbane

May 30th: WordCamp Buenos Aires

June 5th: WordCamp Lyon

June 6-7th: WordCamp Orange County

This week’s GIF Of The Week(tm):

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