While compiling yesterday’s Free themes of the month post, there were loads of great themes this month – one which stood out was Toivo. Toivo means “Hope” in Finnish and the theme was developed by Sami Keijonen a theme developer from Finland, it looks very well designed and is one of only a few themes with the accessibility tag in the directory. The theme has some nice features – Top and Bottom “Call Out” areas, background and header image support, multiple layout options and styling support for Jetpack features such as logo upload, testimonials, portfolios and infinite scroll. I spoke to Sami who told me it took around 2-3 months to develop the theme, he said ” It might sound slow but I have couple of reasons why it takes some time. I didn’t work on it 8 hours a day for every day because I currently have a day job as a teacher. And in the evening I spend 2-4 hours developing the theme or other WordPress related projects. But sometimes in weekends I was developing it 10-14 hours on row. When you get in the mood of creating something time stands still. I can work on details for days. I will not stop until I’m happy about it:)” He tried to get it published on WordPress.com but it wasn’t
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