In this blog post I’m going to show how VersionPress 1.0 works and how it can help you manage your WordPress sites. It is a lot of screenshots so let’s get rolling. Installing VersionPress VersionPress ships as a standard plugin so the installation is just a matter of uploading a ZIP file and clicking a few buttons as usual. Once VersionPress is activated, it shows a prompt to start tracking the site: This takes you to the pre-activation screen: It seems a bit unwieldy at first but we prefer to do automated checks rather than activate blindly on a site that might cause issues later. If all checks passed VersionPress can be fully activated: This creates the initial state (version) of a site and all is set. Auto-tracking An important, albeit somewhat invisible feature of VersionPress is the automatic change tracking. Let’s demonstrate it by doing some actions on a site. This is what I did: Trashed the “Hello World” post Installed a new theme Customized it to my liking Created a new post “Hello VersionPress” Updated the blog name (“Test Site” -> “Demo”) The VersionPress admin page now looks like this: The user interface is currently quite basic (big improvements are coming in the 2.0 release)
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