Every month, WDS releases a bunch of goodies over on Github (and occasionally WordPress.org and elsewhere). While we typically share the links on social media, we know that it’s easy for things to get lost in the noise, so we will be bringing you our top releases of every month. While the vast majority are on Github, we’ll sometimes also be featuring non-Github releases as well. Catch up on last month’s releases, and check out our choice releases for April 2015: Yeoman WordPress Plugin Generator We created this AWESOME command-line plugin generator that generates a skeleton plugin based on parameters you provide to it. This is pretty nifty; it makes creating a basic structure for your plugins wicked easy! Please note: It’s pretty fresh, and still being adjusted for issues, so be aware that changes and breaking may still be on the horizon while we’re working out the kinks. The WebDevStudios fork of Automattic’s _s Starter Theme From Greg: WebDevStudios has incorporated SassDocs (props Damon), social media icon support via the WordPress menu, offloading Font Awesome to Bower, as well as various bug fixes. We’ve also concentrated on giving _s it’s own identity by moving both Package.json
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