Effective today, we’re starting the move away from our support ticket system in favor of our new support forums. There are a few reasons for this which I’ll outline in depth further down but the short story is that we think it will be better for our customers and better for our business model. Our Current Support System Today we utilize a mix of Gravity Forms and HelpScout to enable users to submit a form on our site, which then submits the form details to a special HelpScout mailbox address which was created inside our Google Apps for Business account, which then feeds into the HelpScout service dashboard (which then notifies us via email of new tickets). Each form has some required fields which helped us collect some details we needed to better troubleshoot, including the user’s license key, WordPress version, plugin version, url to the page they are seeing the issue, and an optional url to the theme they’ve got installed. Although this system has worked pretty well for us for over two years, there were some shortcomings. First, setting up a support form for new products was laborious at best. Secondly, we found that there were just too many ways in which our support ticket flow was
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