It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here, mainly due to the exams I’m currently taking, as well as not really having a lot of spare time for writing. However, with the new Envato API and Support announcements which have just been released in the last few weeks, I thought I ought to write a post about how I’ve updated my own support system to work with the new changes (previous support post here). In this post, I’ll be offering two solutions for integrating Envato Market with Help Scout. The first solution is one which I have been using for many months, making use of the old Envato API (which still works, but will likely be retired in the future), and the second solution is one which I wrote only a couple of days ago, to make use of the new Envato API/Support requirements and integrate more heavily with Help Scout. Both methods use WordPress and Gravity Forms – this tutorial will only work if you’re using WordPress (and the Gravity Forms parts will only work with that plugin, although they shouldn’t be too difficult to change over to Contact Form 7 integrations, for example). I’d like to point out early on that using either of these methods (in parts or in their entirety) is
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