Chris Lema wrote a blog post. Surprising, I know. But there’s a particular one that I keep going back to and it has guided me for the past couple of years. It was January 2013. In the process of trying to rebuild my life I had made a decision to pursue computer programming of some sort. I considered many alternatives and I really don’t remember how or when I decided to focus on WordPress, but I found myself at WordCamp Phoenix – my first ever WordCamp. Being my first introduction to the WordPress community, I was blown away. I had attended other developer events, but the friendly atmosphere and inspiration I got from the program and other participants at WordCamp was just something I’d never experienced before. It was the first place that I’d ever been that a wannabe programmer like myself was welcome and encouraged. Of course Chris Lema was speaking there, so I discovered his blog and an article he had (at the time) recently written called Become a WordPress Ninja in 1400 Days. He laid out the fact that this doesn’t happen overnight and there is a natural progression to it. Chris’ plan seemed suited to my situation and it was understandable, realistic, and manageable, so I jumped in.
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