How It Works - It's "just a plugin" WP Pusher lets you install and update WordPress themes and plugins, directly from GitHub - even if your clients are using cheap shared hosting. If it can run WordPress, it can run WP Pusher. You can manage all your WordPress themes and plugins from one place, the dashboard, or enable Push-to-Deploy and have your code update itself automatically every time you push to GitHub or Bitbucket. This is made possible by the WP Pusher plugin. The plugin hooks into WordPress and uses core functionality to fetch your themes and plugins from GitHub. No need to give us access to your servers or GitHub, since WordPress does the real work for us. That's why it’s secure. An attacker will never be able to run evil shell commands through our plugin. WP Pusher does all this and it's "just a plugin"! $ git commit -am "Make client happy!"; git push
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