It is a fact that WordPress is the most popular CMS today. No matter if you are going to install WordPress for the first time or you are a developer and install it every day, there are few things you must do right after the installation. In this article, we will see 10 most important things that should be done after every WordPress installation irrespective of the website type you are building. 1. General Settings After installing WordPress, it is most important to make sure you have the correct Site Title, Site Tagline and URLs of your WordPress site. It is also important to set your timezone, date format, time format and week start day so that you have all basics set up before you actually start working on your website. 2. Set Permalinks Next important thing you should do is to set up permalinks. Permalinks are actually URL structure and it is very important to set them up properly. By default, the post or page links of a WordPress website look like this: These are not user friendly and are bad for SEO (search engine optimization) point of view too. You can choose any option out of the available options like Day and name, Month and name, Post name etc. Post
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