WordPress backups is one great time saving piece every blogger needs – and getting WordPress Backup Plugin is one time saving piece to give you a ride over undue crash, un-due fall or better still an unwarranted break down of your blog , its content and its members. let me give an instance when you need a backup. Nairaland although not wordpress was once dis-sorted and affected by virus – as the story been said, it affected 70 percent of its members and 30 percent of its content, but trust me – it have got a backup file. all the web admin did was to restore a previous backup made and over 60 percent of users account was restored. that’s what backup really does. who don’t need an helping hand ? come on you need a back up buddy and here are the best wordpress backup plugin your blog needs. 11 Best WordPress Backup Plugin Every Blog Needs backupwordpress is one simple wordpress tool to help you back up your entire site including your database. SUper easy to use – works with Uses zip and mysqldump for faster backups if they are available. here are its few features. Features Works in low memory, “shared host” environments. Manage multiple schedules. Option to have each backup file emailed
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