One of the most influential people in American history, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, once said: We must use time as a tool, not as a couch. Productive people live by this rule. In sickness or in health, they do not waste a single second of their lives. Being a freelance writer, I find it very difficult to work without certain apps, and a few productivity tips I picked from the Internet. As a result, I get to save a great deal of time. One of these productivity tips include the rampant usage of the awesome shortcuts WordPress has to offer. WordPress has a rich array of keyboard shortcuts that help you increase your productivity rate by leaps and bounds! Today’s post discusses these time-saving WordPress keyboard shortcuts. Before we dive into the topic, let’s take a quick look at why formatting your content is such a big deal. Content Formatting 101 Your content’s presentation style plays a crucial role in conversion rates, readership engagement and overall user experience. A well formatted text block with appropriate headings, block quotes, bold and italics, grab and hold on to the reader’s attention. Italics Italics play a major role in shaping the voice of the reader. See what I did there?
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